Projects and Resources

May 28, 2015

Here is a list of items that we are currently working on and resources that we’ve created and/or curated.  If you use any of these resources for a citizen-driven project or want help in that regard, please contact us.


Smart Cville Resources

Click for more info. Feel free to use, reuse, modify.

City of Charlottesville Procurement Alerts
Albemarle County Procurement Alerts
City of Charlottesville Budget Visualization
Charlottesville Voting Precincts KML file
Virginia 5th Congressional District Precincts KML file
Charlottesville Neighborhood and Planning Districts KML file
Charlottesville Downtown Mall KML file
Charlottesville Vacancy Rate Study Areas KML file
Albemarle Voting Precincts KML file
Previous Albemarle Voting Precincts 2003-2011 KML file
Searchable Charlottesville City Council Minutes
Compost Collection Open Data - JSON
Composting Promotional video
Creative Commons License
Smart Cville works above are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  If you have any questions about using these resources please let us know.  Basically… Use them and share alike!

External resources

Reuse policy depends on external site.

Albemarle Charlottesville Fire Rescue data
Virginia Department of Elections
Local government GIS data
City of Charlottesville City Council Minutes