Project Teams

June 1, 2017

Smart Cville Project Teams are a way for civic innovators to get institutional support for their projects or find projects to join.  Our biggest hope with project teams is to provide an additional layer of support and energy behind citizen-driven civic technology.  So often, these projects lose momentum as volunteers fade and we want to find ways to help amplify/prop up/take off life support the amazing work being done by civic innovators.  Don’t let your hard work get lost!  Check out our current project teams.

Smart Cville project teams can be either managed by Smart Cville or largely autonomous.  We’re happy to help guide your project, but we aren’t looking to take over.  Projects must adhere to rules for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and have strict non-discrimination/non-harassment policies.  Our service area is Central Virginia, though we’re open to initiatives that serve the entire Commonwealth.

What we offer project teams…

  • Network of support
  • Tax deductible funding and/or grant support (if qualified)
  • Marketing and PR
  • Energy and support for your project should the initial team seek other opportunities
  • Shared tech resources upon request (GSuite/Github/server access)

Current project teams:
Legal Equity Design Group (Virginia School Discipline Project)
Public Transit: Fixed Route Passenger Data App
Regional Transit Systems: Integrated Service Platform
CFD Fire Risk Assessment Data Modeling

Smart Cville Slack invite (our teams collaborate on Slack)