CID Project Fellows

February 4, 2018

What is a CID Project Fellow?

A CID Project Fellow is a volunteer who is committed to working with others to tackle a specific challenge in our community.  Each fellow will be assigned a challenge that is sponsored by a local government entity (see 2017 challenges).  The fellow will then lead a challenge team during the 2018 Civic Innovation Day and encourage continued participation after the event.

Why does it exist?

  • We want to help facilitate discussion and design that is user-centered and problem-oriented.
  • We want to encourage post-event participation and challenge work.
  • We want to foster a cohort of civic innovators who are interested in pursuing tech or data related project that support the community.

Who should apply? Individuals who are:

  • Willing to commit up to 6 months of continued participation after the event, the time commitment will be based on the progress/energy your team has.  We simply ask you commit to serving as a team facilitator/lead through 2018.  This may mean you meet 1/month or more depending on the success if the process and the energy of your team
  • Looking to engage in civic and social impact efforts in Charlottesville/Albemarle County
  • Passionate about using technology to solve problems and think outside of the box
  • Comfortable leading teams

When is the deadline?

Project fellow applications are now closed.

What support do I get?

Project Fellows will meet with CID and WillowTree staff prior to the event for training and awareness of the event culture, process, and goals.  After the event, successful projects will be supported with Smart Cville Project Team budgets to continue work.

Who can I ask questions?

Taylor Erwin, Analytics Architect, WillowTree Apps

At WillowTree Taylor uses different types of data analysis to give insight into digital product performance and user behavior. On the civic side, Taylor helped run My Ride to Vote, a civic engagement startup whose mission is to ensure that every citizen can exercise their right to vote by providing free rides to and from the polls on election days across the country. She previously lived in Atlanta, GA and is excited to enter the civic community of Charlottesville.



What are the known commitments?

  • Meet with your challenge partner prior to the CID
  • Meet with CID organizers up to 3 times prior to the event
  • Attend the CID (June 2)
  • Organize interested participants or others to continue the project past the CID
  • Some projects will take off, some will fizzle.  We ask Project Fellows to lead the program through December 31, 2018.  The commitment here will depend on you as the project fellow.

What support do I get?

Smart Cville and its sponsors will work with you to create a budget for your project after the CID based on progress and participation.

Do I need project management experience?

While that’s certainly helpful, it is not necessary.  We’re looking for people who are engaging and welcoming.  People who ask good questions and have the energy to guide a group of volunteers.