June 2, 2018 – sign up!


CitySpace (address)


Smart Cville and WillowTree are hosting Charlottesville’s second civic innovation day. Community members from diverse backgrounds will gather to consider how technology can help mitigate specific challenges in our community – sign up!

View the 2017 event page.


Designers, programmers, citizen activists, technologists, YOU – sign up!

Code for America has developed an anti-harassment policy for this type of event. We intend to use it as a guide to ensure our event remains positive, welcoming, and accepting.


We believe that combining technology and human expertise we can improve our community. Central Virginia is home to a highly educated and active citizenry that should be engaged deeply to help make our community a better place to live.

Project Fellows Program:

Each challenge will be supported by a project fellow.  This participant will serve as a facilitator and project manager for the challenge during and after the event.  The project fellow applications go live on February 1 and are due March 1.  For more information about the Project Fellow Program see here and to apply see here.

Project Fellow team lead: Taylor Erwin, Analytics Architect, WillowTree

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Challenges coming soon!