City Council to Consider Open Data Resolution

In the past two years, the open data conversation in Charlottesville has come a long way.  Next week, the City Council will take a first important step toward enacting an open data policy for the city.  Key questions and hurdles remain, but if the proposed resolution (below) passes, it will be a critical first step.  We dropped our open letter on open data this spring and are thrilled to see this progress.  In it includes many of our arguments in favor of open data.

We’ve also placed this resolution into text format as a Google Doc.



In support of Open Data

WHEREAS, open government is based upon the principles of transparency, efficiency, and collaboration; and

WHEREAS, the evolving technology landscape now offers additional opportunities to promote open government, such as mobile applications to provide City services and social media to engage the public; and

WHEREAS, Open Data, proactively disclosing City data, is the foundation of open government, is consistent with citizens’ right to public information, and promotes engagement with the potential benefit of civic development to improve service delivery through expanded an innovative uses; and

WHEREAS, Open Data promotes open government by engendering collaboration and opportunities for citizen-developed functionality with the added potential to decrease costs and increase robustness of City services;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Charlottesville City Council is committed to open government and the principles of transparency, efficiency, and collaboration and hereby directs the City Manager to develop and implement an Open Data policy with a comprehensive set of initiatives, guidelines and standards to promote transparency, efficiency and collaboration.


Open Data – 1st of 1st reading on September 19, 2016

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