Charlottesville Fix a Leak Week 2016

Shocking though it may seem… minor household leaks result in 1 trillion gallons of water being wasted each year.  The insanity of this can be appreciated by citizens of all political stripes.  With some basic awareness and programs, we can improve greatly on that number.

The City of Charlottesville is a leader in the EPA Water Sense movement, which includes an awareness program called Fix a Leak Week.  In fact, the city won an EPA 2015 WaterSense Promotional Partner of the Year Award.  According to the EPA, “Fix a Leak Week is an annual reminder to Americans to check household plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks.”  For more information on Fix a Leak Week and some key facts related to minor household leaks, take a look at this document.

At the city level, the Department of Public Works spearheads water conservation efforts and organizes programs like the local events surrounding Fix a Leak Week.  Many efforts to fix leaks are decidedly low tech, yet very effective.  One example, the city offers free leak detection dye tablets at the office of utility billing at City Hall. You put them in the top tank of your toilet, let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes, and if you see blue dye in the bowl of the toilet you know you have an ongoing leak in your toilet. Often you just have to replace the toilet flapper to fix this type of leak. For more information on other city water conservation efforts see here.

In partnership with the city, we also wanted to promote some “smart technologies” that can help you detect and resolve leaks as quickly as possible.  To this, we’ve created an infographic to help educate the public on smart technologies that can aid with leak detection.  Please take a look and share!

Charlottesville Fix a Leak WeekInfographic

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