Democratic Primary 2015 Precinct Visualizations

Below are interesting relative support visualizations for each of the candidates in the 2015 Democratic Primary for Charlottesville City Council. This work was made possible because of open data provided by the Virginia Department of Elections and the City of Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services, in particular GIS Analyst Ruth Emerick.  If you see any errors, please let me know.

In each map you can click on a precinct to see how the vote broke down. Keep in mind that the intensity reflects the relative strength of each candidate. At the bottom there is an intensity map (all blue for Bellamy) that gives you a sense of the degree of Bellamy’s victory in each precinct.

Wes J. Bellamy

A. Michael Signer

Kathleen M. Galvin

Dede L. Smith

Lena M. Seville

Bellamy intensity of win

Direct link to the fusion tables in Google
Google friendly KML file for Charlottesville voting precincts

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