May 27, 2015

About Smart Cville

Smart Cville is a citizen-driven organization that promotes the use of technology to make cities better places to live.  Our efforts seek to promote civic innovation and technology-driven solutions throughout local government in Charlottesville and beyond.

Smart Cville is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Who We Are

Smart Cville needs fellow citizens to help us make this a reality!  Interested in contributing formallyContact Us for any other inquiry!

Board of Directors

Lucas Ames
Founder, Board Chair
Seth Ragosta
Vice Chair
Jim Duncan
Angela Orebaugh
Kristel Riddervold
Doug Caldwell
Lucy Krasker
Board Fellow (Ex Officio)

Board Bios

Lucas Ames is the Founder of Smart Cville and Associate Director of Organizational Systems and Technology at Global Online Academy (GOA). At GOA he is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s use of technology represents best practices in online teaching and learning and aligns with its mission and values. Leveraging data to obtain the best learning outcomes for students and utilizing APIs to extend online learning platforms are key parts of his role. Lucas strongly believes that technology has democratized civic engagement in a way that allows all citizens to help solve public problems. Lucas lives in the City with his wife, daughter, and son.

Seth Ragosta is a litigation attorney who focuses on Family Law and Commercial litigation matters at Lenhart Pettit in Charlottesville. Before returning to Charlottesville, Seth worked for a multinational law firm on matters involving the largest technology companies in the world. Seth has experience with the practical uses of technology in the legal field, as well as the rules and laws governing various aspects of technology in commercial, personal and public realms. Seth is a county resident and passionate advocate for rational, open discourse about social justice and public policy issues, and believes technology can serve a key role in driving positive, fair and clear discussions about our public future.

Jim Duncan is Partner & Founder at Nest Realty Group whose main office is located in Downtown Charlottesville. Jim has always been active in the community as evidenced by his authorship of two prominent local blogs (Real Central VA and Real Crozet VA). He has a deep interest in working to instill a sense of community and engagement of and by the citizenry. A county resident, Jim is a 1998 graduate of VMI and is passionate about representing his real estate clients, the environment, riding bicycles, coaching soccer, and being a dad.

Dr. Angela Orebaugh is a technologist, educator, and author with a broad spectrum of expertise in information technology and security. Angela is currently the Director of the Cyber Security and Information Technology Programs at the University of Virginia. Prior to becoming a faculty member at UVA, Angela was a Fellow and Chief Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she led several cyber security initiatives and advised clients on cyber security strategy, management, and technologies. Angela is a City of Charlottesville resident who is passionate about sustainability and the environment and strives to make the world a better place, bit by bit.

Kristel Riddervold has been the Environmental Sustainability Manager for the City of Charlottesville since 2002. Kristel leads a program dedicated to compliance, education, pollution prevention, and stewardship and that develops local sustainability programs focused on climate protection and water resources protection. These efforts involve both City-specific programs and operations as well as community-based initiatives. After obtaining double degrees from the University of Virginia, Kristel worked in the private sector as an environmental consultant for several years. An Albemarle County resident for over 20 years, she blends urban/rural living experiences in raising family, living life, and exploring opportunities.

Doug Caldwell is a geospatial analyst with experience in geographic information systems and geospatial technology. Doug recently retired as a researcher from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Alexandria, VA, where his work focused on mapping and visualization. He chaired the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, a Federal interagency board responsible for the standardization of geographic names. Doug is an Albemarle County resident with a keen interest in applying the latest geospatial technology to better serve the local community.

Lucy Krasker is from Palm Beach, Florida. She’s a Third-Year student at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce studying Finance, Marketing, and Business Analytics and pursuing a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. A participant in both non-profit and for-profit spheres, she serves as the Partnership Coordinator for both Global Impact Strategies, a data analytics company that predicts public policy outcomes using Game Theory, and Global Covenant Partners, an organization that builds strategies to reduce religious related violence in the MENA region. She is passionate about better understanding world cultures, studying abroad in Siena, Tuscany and at the London School of Economics. She is a mentor to an 11 year old Southeast Asian refugee living in Charlottesville. Lucy also participates in upholding the student-administered Honor System as a Support Officer. She contributes to the Tom Tom Founders Festival for Entrepreneurs as a member of the Buffalo Bureau’s Innovation group. You can find her exploring Charlottesville’s restaurant scene. In addition to learning the fundamentals of business strategy, Lucy is currently learning the art of fly fishing and amateur boxing.