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March 2018 Newsletter

Smart Cville promotes the use of technology and data to help communities find innovative solutions by facilitating the exchange of ideas between civic institutions and citizens.

In this issue:

  • Budget Process Timeline Release
  • Two Civic Innovation Day Challenges to Announce
  • Apply to become a Civic Innovation Day Project Fellow
  • Upcoming events and past endeavors
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Budget Process Timeline Release

We're pleased to announce an expansion of our budget visualization to include a budget process timeline. The budget process is one of the more confusing pieces of municipal government. How long does it last? When can I participate? What has already happened?

We've released this at a poor time, frankly, but we've already had two municipalities jump in and quickly add events. To see what they've done, check out below.

City of Charlottesville Budget Process
Albemarle County Budget Process

Two Civic Innovation Day Challenges to Announce

We're pleased to announce that the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County will both be presenting challenges at the 2018 Civic Innovation Day. Stay tuned for more information but to learn more see below.

City of Charlottesville - Charlottesville Fire Department
The Charlottesville Fire Department regularly assesses fire risks to life and property. With dozens of economic, building stock, demographic, and lifestyle data sets relevant to assessing fire risk available, creating a model to integrate myriad data into a parcel-level assessment will allow dynamic and ongoing monitoring of shifting fire risks in the community. How might we build a model that integrates current and novel data sources into actionable fire risk insights?

Albemarle County - Community Development Department
Albemarle County is currently working on a Small Area Plan to revitalize the Rio+29 area as a connected, mixed-use community. This area is filled with incredible history, but it’s currently buried under big boxes and asphalt – How might we leverage technology to bring that history back to life, create avenues for authentic citizen engagement and feedback, and inform future design and community identity?
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Apply to become a Civic Innovation Day Project Fellow

At this year's Civic Innovation Day, our challenge groups will be supposed by a CID Project Fellow. Fellows are volunteers who are committed to working with others to tackle a specific challenge in our community. Each fellow will be assigned a challenge that is sponsored by a local government entity. The fellow will then lead a challenge team during the 2018 Civic Innovation Day and encourage continued participation after the event.

Why does it exist?
  • We want to help facilitate discussion and design that is user-centered and problem-oriented.
  • We want to encourage post-event participation and challenge work.
  • We want to foster a cohort of civic innovators who are interested in pursuing tech or data related project that support the community.
Want more info or know someone who should apply?

Upcoming events and past endeavors

Tech + Local Govt Happy Hour: Civic Technology Edition

Curious about civic technology? Want to learn more about a specific example? Interested in the mobilization that occurred during Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District? Join us on April 12 as Smart Cville and friends get together for a beer and a chat at Random Row. Register today!

Open Data Deep Dive: Crime Data

We had a full house for a great event that discussed city crime data and R programming. Find all the materials on GitHub!

Local Politics Class at UVA

I had the pleasure of speaking on open data and local politics inside the classroom of Dr. Carah Ong Whaley.

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How You Can Help...

  • Add yourself to our volunteer list by contacting us! Be sure to include interests and availability.
  • Donate to our non-profit or sponsor an event.
  • Share our newsletter with someone who may be interested.
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