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March 2019 Newsletter

Smart Cville promotes the use of technology and data to help communities find innovative solutions by facilitating the exchange of ideas between civic institutions and citizens.

In this issue:

  • Addressing Open Data Deep Dive
  • All Hands On Deck: Virginia School Discipline Project
  • March Madness: Upcoming Events
  • Virginia Cities Lodging Tax Dataset

Addressing Open Data Deep Dive

We will be hosting an Addressing Open Data Deep Dive at 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 28th. The deep dive will be hosted at UVA’s Campbell Hall Room 220C, located on Bayly Drive Charlottesville, VA 22903. The deep dive will be very useful to anyone working with addresses in datasets. Since most area based datasets contain addresses, it is important for anyone analyzing those types of datasets to understand how to geocode, map and use the data. This data deep dive will provide an understanding of how addressing works and an introductory lesson to mapping address based data.

The event will be co-hosted by Pam Murray and Doug Caldwell. Ms. Murray (GIS Technician, Neighborhood Development Services, City of Charlottesville) will review street addressing in Charlottesville. She will discuss the components of an address, addressing standards (including relationships with US Postal Service and E911), the process for assigning addresses, and unusual addressing issues. Mr. Caldwell (Geospatial Analyst, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center) will lead a hands-on session geocoding an address list of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified Buildings in Charlottesville. This will be done using the free capabilities of ArcGIS Online, a cloud-based geographic information service. You can read more about this upcoming event here.

Interested in this event? Let us know you are coming!

All Hands On Deck: Virginia School Discipline Project

Spread the word! Smart Cville is actively looking for a content curator for our Virginia School Discipline Project.

The VSDP provides access to information about the student discipline process in Virginia public schools. We have found that this information is often extremely difficult to find, and typically are provided with the sole intent to sell legal services. While the VSDP does not provide legal services, it does give you an idea of what information you should be aware of and what resources are available for families going through the school discipline process.

Are you or someone you know interested? Let us know here.

March Madness: Upcoming Events

March will be a busy month for us! Here are just four events we are planning on attending this Month:

March 8th - Building Bridges: Celebrating Partnerships
Smart Cville will be attending this UVA sponsored events celebrating engaged partnerships. This event will allow us to meet others across the university and in Charlottesville who are working towards building bridges for community work. We will be joining several other nonprofits and community leaders at the table to engage with each other and learn about each other's work.

March 28th - Open Data Deep Dive
Smart Cville is hosting an Addressing Deep Dive at 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 28th.
Deep Dives are unique events combining presentations by local experts with hands-on activities. Street addresses are the primary way to identify businesses and residences and this session will give you a thorough understanding of addressing in Charlottesville along with a hands-on session geocoding a list of Charlottesville addresses.

March 25th - FOIA Training with City & VCOG
In order to best prepare members of public boards and commissions in Charlottesville, The Virginia Coalition for Open Government and Smart Cville is partnering with the City of Charlottesville to offer training on the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

March 29th - Bi-Monthly Equity Breakfast
Smart Cville will be joining several other community leaders to network and discuss equity-related Charlottesville topics. This event will be hosted by the local Health Department who will also be sharing their recent data on life expectancy in the area. We hope to be able to share some of this information with you all.

Know of any upcoming events we should attend? Let us know here.

Virginia Cities Lodging Tax Dataset

Read our recently published blog post on lodging tax rates in Virginia cities:

Lodging Tax Rates in Virginia Cities
"The Lodging Tax, sometimes referred to as “Transient Occupancy” Tax, is one of the popular revenue levers for cities across Virginia. Since debates over changing this tax on hotels (and other short term lodgings) usually contain information on comparable cities, just how do the largest cities in Virginia compare to one another? We’ve compiled, with references, a brief dataset that looks at lodging taxes across cities in Virginia (and a few others relevant to Charlottesville). We hope this dataset will help citizens understand where their city stands easier."

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