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December 2018 Newsletter

Smart Cville promotes the use of technology and data to help communities find innovative solutions by facilitating the exchange of ideas between civic institutions and citizens.

In this issue:

  • Meet Our New Board of Directors Members
  • Giving 2018
  • Project Team Success: Fixed Route Passenger Data App
  • Rewire PBS Feature on Political Engagement

Meet Our New Board of Directors Members

We are pleased to announce the election of three new members to our Board of Directors beginning in January 2019.

The new Board members are...
  • Amanda Poncy (Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Chartlottesville)
  • Devin Harris, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor Department of Engineering Systems and Environment, University of Virginia)
  • Emily Kilroy (Director of Communications and Public Engagement, Albemarle County)
The 2018 Board felt incredibly lucky to have such respected and knowledgeable candidates. Given their talents, background, and community involvement, this cohort will add tremendous value to our organization and will be instrumental in helping prepare us for the next stage of organizational growth.

See the entire announcement, including full bios here.
2019 Board New

Giving 2018

We're continuing to grow and need your help! By leveraging thousands of volunteer hours each year, we are able to run Smart Cville on a shoestring budget. However, as volunteers increase and our program grow, we need the continued support of the community to thrive.

As you review your end of year giving, please consider donating to Smart Cville.

If you'd like to talk with us about supporting a specific endeavor or new program, please contact us.
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Project Team Success: Fixed Route Passenger Data App

We're excited to announce the successful completion of our Fixed Route Passenger Data App for the public service corporation, JAUNT. This project is a great example of civic innovators connecting with a discrete project that immediately gets embedded within a local institution.

"The JAUNT team wanted to transition away from handwritten data collection and utilize an accessible, scalable application for its drivers and administrators. Through consistent feedback and user testing, our team designed and developed an application that can grow with JAUNT’s needs. The application itself needed to work with the driver as they completed various scheduled routes, allowing them to see their ETA to the next stop at a glance. In addition, drivers are able to quickly mark the number and group allocation of passengers entering and departing the bus at each stop. The app has multiple confirmation screens to ensure the driver’s reported passenger count and mileage are accurate...Overall, we’re confident we’re handing over a performant, elegant solution that will elevate JAUNT’s data collection practices and better assist in auditing the imperative services they provide to the growing communities they serve."

View this entire Project Team page
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Rewire PBS Feature on Political Engagement

We deserve a pat on the back for showing up on Election Day. But, if we play our cards right, we can make sure we don’t lose momentum now that it’s over. It’s easy to vote; it’s more challenging to hold those we voted for accountable...“Civic participation is a continuous requirement for citizens in a democracy: it’s part of life, not part of a lifestyle,” Vote Like a Mother founder Sara Berliner said.
Civically engaged folks shared their ideas for next steps in the aftermath of the midterm elections...

...Participate in tangible projects. “The best way to maintain civic engagement is to find action-oriented projects that allow you to support community initiatives. Elections are inherently action-oriented with a precise set of tasks that need to be done. Finding action-oriented projects that are relevant to your interests after the election is key to maintaining your desire to contribute. “Looking for great action-oriented projects? Seek out local civic innovation offices or civic technology nonprofits. Can’t find a project or organization that already exists? Create your own. Increasingly, civic innovators are leveraging government initiatives like open data and hackathons to create their own projects and bring others into the fold.” — Lucas Ames, founder of Smart Cville, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based nonprofit aiming to improve cities through technology.

Read the entire article here.

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