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June 2018 Newsletter

Smart Cville promotes the use of technology and data to help communities find innovative solutions by facilitating the exchange of ideas between civic institutions and citizens.

In this issue:

  • Civic Innovation Day Overview
  • CID 2018 Media
  • CID Next Steps
  • City Open Data Portal Dataset Review
CID Presentations
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Civic Innovation Day Overview

  • 70 participants
  • 3 innovative challenge sponsors
  • 3 amazing project fellows
  • 5 great breakout workshops
  • 12 fantastic prototypes
We're thrilled to put the second annual Civic Innovation Day in the books! We hope you can join us next year.

CID 2018 Media

We were thrilled to have great media support for Civic Innovation Day. To learn more about the day, check out the articles below.

Civic Innovation Day poses new challenges for local technologists, urbanists
Cville Tomorrow, Josh Mandell
"Technology professionals, university students and other community members worked together on projects to improve local quality of life at the second annual Charlottesville Civic Innovation Day...Civic Innovation Day is organized by Smart Cville, a nonprofit that promotes the use of technology to improve local government and public works. The event drew about 70 people to CitySpace on Saturday."

Technologists Work with Area Transit Systems to Improve Functionality
NBC29, Emmy Freedman
"It's so easy to kind of just go about your day and think about, ‘OK, how can I make my life better,’ but it’s so much better when you're able to work with others and figure out, ‘how can I make everyone else around me, how can I make their life better,” says Taylor Erwin, an analytics architect at WillowTree."

Pre-event: WINA Interview
"Taylor Erwin of Smart Cville and WilliowTree joins the show to talk about the second annual “Charlottesville Civic Innovation Day.” Smart Cville is a citizen-driven organization that promotes the use of technology to make cities better places to live. Our efforts seek to promote civic innovation and technology-driven solutions throughout local government in Charlottesville and beyond."

CID Next Steps

CID Project Fellows are currently taking all that was presented during the day and reflecting on the initial challenge. Based on their knowledge of the challenge, feasibility, and challenge sponsor interest, they will begin to spec out a formal project to develop as a Smart Cville Project Team.

If you have an interest in any of the topic areas, please let us know and we can connect you with the project fellow. Once specifications are created for these projects, if you can assist with their completion, please contact us as well.

City Open Data Portal Dataset Review

As the Charlottesville Open Data Portal nears its first anniversary, we wanted to take stock of what data is currently on the portal. This analysis reviews the Dataset Listing data set. This dataset provides information on the datasets which are available in the portal. A PDF version of this report is also available. This information is as of May 30, 2018.

Check out our full blog post on this topic.
Spatial datasets chart

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