May 27, 2015

1) Open Data – Smart Cville seeks to utilize existing open data provided by the City.  More importantly, we believe in the expansion of data collection and open distribution.  Open data promotes transparency and citizen engagement.

Role Model: SF Open Data

2) Civic Innovation – Smart Cville wishes to facilitate the development of civic resources by the public at-large.  Fostering an innovation-rich culture in Charlottesville will add tremendous value to the city and its citizens.

Role Model: Code of Philly

3) Technology-driven solutions – Smart Cville supports civic improvements that are technology-driven.  In most cases, technology and data can improve city services and our quality of life, while also providing for a more efficient use of precious resources.  Technology and data can also help us grow in ways that are sustainable.

For more information on steps we’ve taken to illustrate our ideas, please see our Projects page.